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Good day folks,

I've been riding since I was a kid, I'm 36 now and pretty sure I'm still a kid. Anyway, currently I ride a 2005 Honda 919 modded to my liking and I'm in the process of rebuilding my 1985 FZ750.

I've admired the KLR 650 ever since it first appeared. Its' rugged simplicity, utilitarian good looks and go-anywhere-anytime-and-back dependability all add up to a machine I can relate to. This year when it recieved several long time coming "improvements", it was too much for me and I succumed to its' virtues. Last week I decided I need one and on Thursday, brought a brand new green (the high performance colour) home.

I take nothing away from the pre-2008 models, great bikes upon which the legacy of the KLR will always be founded. It's just that for me, the changes made to this year's KLR cater better to the type of riding I'll be doing. The extent of my off road riding will be limited to cottage roads, some trails and other unimproved surfaces but mostly I'll be using this machine as an adventure touring platform. I hope to soon ride across the country to the west coast then maybe up to Alaska for starters.

So, I've only owned this bike for a couple of days but I can already say with total conviction that this is the most fun bike I've ever owned and an absolute steal for the money! This must surely be the sports' best kept secret!

Anyway, happy to be a part of the KLR community and I look forward to learning more from you veteran KLRers.


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