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In a scene right out of a B movie horror flick, Cortez the KLR is seen here squaring off with the world famous Gemini Giant.

The Gemini Giant resides in Wilmington Illinois on Route 66, the Mother Road, at the Launching Pad restaurant. Gemini Giant truly is world famous and appears in many books and documentaries about Rt. 66.

Note that Gemini believes in ATGATT. Note the stylish helmet and boots. And the bomb! I've got to get one of them. Milsurp?

While Cortez and Gemini debate about who is the mightiest, I am inside partaking in a platter of fried clams, french fries, cole slaw, dinner role and root beer. I'm a chow hound, not a fighter. After my meal, they looked to have come to a peace accord. It must have had something to do with being green.
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