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Hello fellow KLR riders! Almost 7 years since I packed up some camping gear on my KLR and headed out for my first adventure ride into the Colorado back country! It feels like only yesterday, I can still smell the fresh Colorado air, taste the bugs that flew into my mouth and feel the pain in my butt from riding a motorcycle all day! Sign me up again! This winter has been brutal and has kept me inside for the most part, with the downtime, I started going through the video and pictures and what a memorable experience! Definitely one of the coolest things I have done.
It was about a 2 week trip, a lot of miles with the ride through Kansas. I entered the trail in the Steamboat Springs area and rode it south to Silverton with a few detours before heading back.

A few monkey wrenches I want to share, hopefully others can learn from. First, the extra clutch cable that I bought last minute before the trip really saved my ass as I had to replace it in Steamboat Springs. Also, had to replace the shift peddle due to dropping the bike, luckily I was in a big town that happened to have a motorcycle shop with a replacement on hand. Might be a good idea to bring an extra since it shouldn't add too much weight. Speaking of weight, I was still a little too heavy and struggled to get up some passes and in one tricky spot I had to strip the bike down after dropping to lift it back up.

Lastly and hilariously, never put your travel propane tanks in cheap soft saddle bags! The saddle bag moved around and rested on the muffler, caught fire and somewhere in Kansas I shit my pants!! Haha, I thought my back tire blew out before pulling over and realizing what happened. Luckily no one was around except some cattle to get pelted by whatever was in that case! I did manage to find and salvage the spare tire tubes and luckily the spare clutch cable!

Anyway hope you enjoy the video, thanks to all you guys and gals who take time to reply to these posts and for sharing your knowledge and experience! Youtube link:
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