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Connection rectifier

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Hi, on the connector of the rectifier there are three yellow wires that go to the alternator, a red wire and a white one. Where do these two red and white wires plug in please ?
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You should have this in your tool box.


It's a KLR650 1996 but I have to rebuild the beam completely and try to simplify it at the same time. On the original electrical diagram there is a white that goes to the positive of the battery (charge I guess) and a red, no brown or black and yellow. I connected the white to the battery but I do not get 14V so not enough charge, yet the regulator is new.
What's the voltage then?
Did you check if the high voltage coil is good?
more or less 40V has each yellow wire. The coils of the alternator are good because they deliver the right voltage and their resistance is good too.
I do not see the connection with the HT coil which is there for ignition and not for charging.
Are you saying your R/R only has 5 terminals? Is it OEM?
Yes, the are six on the plug but only five connected.
It doesn't sound like original rectifier to me
I think you have six plus, 3 yellow, two positive and one négative. Is it True ?
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