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So I have been running the Pirelli Scorpions mt (70-30 on-off road tire) 90/90 21F 120/90 17R for about 20k miles and have been pretty happy with the performance, however I have been able to kick out the rear end on pavement in certain situations.
So feeling as though I reached the limits of that tire, I was decided to change it up looking for even more street traction without changing rim sizes.

With that in mind, I looked toward the Continental Trail attacks in 90/90 21F and a whopping 140/80R size. The 140 fills the swingarm nicely.

This is my INITIAL riding impression.

So far I haven’t been close to finding the limits on the front end so I’ll concentrate on the rear.

Anyone who’s ridden my bike before would comment on how flickable it is and how surefooted it is. It really felt like a motocrosser on the street.

Well, the 140 REALLY slows the transition from upright to full lean and from full lean to full lean. With the 120 I would stand on the pegs in the tight, goaty 1.5 lane stuff we have around here and it would almost feel like I could pitch the rear end out to help turn the bike. That sensation is ENTIRELY absent with the 140 width tire. Now the bike feels TOTALLY planted at full lean (only kicked out once because I hit some marbles at full lean, which is another story), it’s just not quite as FUN pitching it from side to side.

What I REALLY want is a tire that would transition as well as the Pirelli MTs, yet wouldn’t break loose on the rear end leading to occasional pucker moments.

What I haven’t explored yet is the full lane, fast sweepers yet, which I think this tire will be much more at home in.

As it is right now, I’m inclined to go back to the 120 size rear, maybe going to the Pirelli Trails which would be the next step toward street from what I’ve been running or the Conti Trail Attack in a 120 size, if available. I know that the 130 is available, which is the stock KLR width.

I’ll update this thread as I have different impressions.
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