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Controversial but it works great

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Long explanation, please forgive me.

It finally got cold here and I've been riding the highway in 40degF temps the temp gauge would 'barely' see 1/4(I don't like that, plus it's not good for the engine to run that cool).

I'm from AZ and ride when it's 110degF so ya, 40degF is 'cold' for me. I also have a lot of scare tissue from tons of surgeries that's blocking blood flow.

By the time I make a quick stop at a store and return to the bike it would be nearly completely cooled down and I'd have to wait for it to register on the gauge again before hitting the road(I always let my bikes warm up). Note: I do NOT have a Tbob on this bike.

I decided to experiment with a typical mod that is often seen in the 'big rig' community during cold weather. After making some basic BTU calcs I came up with this, it blocks exactly (1/3) of the radiator surface area.
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I realize it looks basic but keep in mind it's experimental. There is a reason it's on the bottom.

This simple mod allows the bike to now come up to 1/2 on the temp gauge when riding in the cold (where I like it to be for efficiency sake among other reasons) Same goes for hot summers, I like it to run right about 'half' on the gauge.

The engine obviously maintains it's heat longer after shutting it off to run into a store. I haven't had to wait to let it warm back.

Coming up the mountain on the way home it still sits at HALF on the gauge.

It's not good for the engine to be loaded hard while running 'too' cool.

I'd also like to point out that I don't even have to 'top off' the oil between changes on this bike(doesn't burn a drop) even after 6hrs of 4500-5000rpm on the highway.

Not trying to create drama, just thought I'd share my 'simplistic' solution. If it works for 'semi trucks' it could too work for the KLR.

Let me be clear, I still believe having a Tbob is the ideal setup. I just don't have one at this point. I also believe that 'always' letting the bike 'warm-up' before getting on it has protected this engine.

Thanks for reading my long post, best wishes and ride hard/often. (y)
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Am I wrong? Ultimately the thermostat opens when it is to the correct operating temp and closes if it gets a little cold. Doesn't that mean it is at a proper operating temp? I assume at 40 degrees, it should get at least the 160 degrees.

Growing up in an area where it would hit the -20F in the winter, we would block part of the radiator so the inside of the car would warm up faster and MAYBE get a little warmer. If you didn't use that wind block, the car never seemed to suffer. You just may have had to wait an extra couple miles before you got any real heat coming out of your dash.

They use them on Diesels to keep more heat in the engine compartment to prevent your fuel from jelling up and killing the engine in the middle of nowhere. No cell phones back then.
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