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Well after crusing all thru Savannah Ga today and hitting just about every bike shop I could find. Kinda cool pulling up to the local Harley, Honda, Yamaha and finally a KAWI shops on the 08'KLR. Man the looks..... Some of the guys were real surprized by the looks of the bike and were looking kinda hard I Was looking for a riding jacket with some protective gear..... I settled on one of these..


Got it for $129.. Seems to be well built, padding/ armor fit good and it's not to noticeable when riding. I'm 6'4 and was having trouble finding something that would fit my wing span right.

It does seem to be a bit hot while sitting at stop lights in this SE GA heat...But that is only about 3 months out of the year. The rest of the year it will be very comfortable. The vents work well with two on the front high/low L/and R side as well as two in the back. and I stayed plenty cool enough while riding.

Had about a 100 mile trip home since I took the back roads and some were WAYYY out of my way but what the hell!!! . Plenty of zippers for ease of getting it on/off and adjustments, pockets ect. Zip in liner is well built as well with additional pouches on the inside that can come in handy for cooler weather. I was surprized that the elbow/ for-arm guards came almost up to my wrist!! again I got some long arms so the forarm is well protected in this Jacket as well. Back pad seems ample and set about right where it needs to be. Waist cuffs with velcro on both sides allow a snug fit if wanted.

Some may consider it a heavy jacket...It weighed about 7 lbs on a "fishing scale" I had at the house. Overall I think I'll be pleased with it. One thing I am doing today is getting some scotts guard to help it with repelling water a bit.
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