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This subject goes along with the Wal-Mart alternative thread.

A dude was pitching camp at Wallys when one of our members offered up
a couch/ camping spot. Some of us chimed in offering a sleep spot.

My house is open to travelers not wanting to drop 50-100 bucks at the
"Cockroach Inn", or closer to 100 at a chain motel.

Cheap Acres is located on the Indiana/ Michigan line near the big lake.
Due to all the roads going around the lake, EVERYBODY passes thru
one time or another in their travels.
Interstates 94/90 are a few miles to the onramps. Hwy 2, 12, 20, all
pass within minutes of me. A little south is 30, 8, 14, and I-80.
That's all in one county, E/W roads.

Just pm me and I'll have a setup waiting on you. Security is not an
issue unless the neighbors donkey or cows get out and want to go
riding. We don't fear strangers with the dogs and hardware on site.

2 acres of camping available, shower, plate of mama's killer cooking,
indoor sleep if it's raining, tools available, Honda and Kaw dealers
nearby if things get ugly.

It'll be cool meeting up with some members so don't hesitate to drop
on in for a rest n' rinse. Coffee is always on.

Ride fun, long, and safe,

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Awesome offer. GPS route plotted.
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