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2017 KLR650
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Howdy all,

Below is a description of my KLR including all installed upgrades and a list of parts/projects I currently have for it that will be included.

Im currently out of town on business so I cant verify or remember exact mileage but it is no more than 5k on the original motor. Top and bottom end have never been touched. Valves were recently checked and put back into spec (barely moved at all). I do regular 10w40 oil changes every 2.5k miles, and for info on how else I have maintained the motorcycle just pm me if youre concerned. I maintain it meticulously though and have it all logged in a book dedicated to tracking everything done to it by my hands, or by my mechanics hands (receipts included). I bought the bike with 800 miles on it (not even broken in).

2017 KLR650 Camo edition
-IMS 10 Gallon Fuel Tank with oem gas cap that works with the same key for ignition
-Lectron Jetless carburetor
  • doohickey mod done super early
  • thermobob 3 done super early with the gas tank
-completely custom tailgunner exhaust (i can almost Guarantee no other KLR has this touch. It was for a military tribute type of build)
-Comfortseat (wide)
  • upper and lower dash from KLRDash with RAM mount for phone or GPS etc
  • RAM mirrors
  • rally windscreen from parabellum
  • raising links (better suspension geometry)
  • EK Black and gold chain (brand new)
  • Tusk rear rack with massive Moose handbags (i use these all the time for grocery runs, they hold a lot!)

Parts still needing installation:
  • Cogent Dynamics front fork springs
  • every part needed in order to convert to a kickstart (aside from some easily obtainable small parts such as a diode)
  • I also have the 2010 additional transmission that is needed in order to make the kickstart work, in amazing condition (pm for any questions regarding the kickstart and check out Tom's guide)
  • have a spare set of tires (street knobby front, adventure touring type rear)
  • have tusk crash bars and some other OEM parts such as the stock carb, muffler, gas tank, etc)

There are still a ton of things I am leaving out of here because I cant remember (its sad I havent been on it in about 6 weeks due to work). I will update when I get home, but this bike and its asking price is considering all the parts and upgrades on it, as well as the stuff with it to continue the building project cause thats what this bike was all about to me, an ongoing project with rugged reliability. I understand its unreasonable to price it out by simply adding the cost of the parts and labor on top of the market value, so im aiming at about halfway between every bit I put into it, and what the market value of the bike is. The only reason I'm selling is because I just really miss my ninja and its about time I get the dream (zx14). At the end of the day im in no rush to sell as i still love it and won't be upset if i cant sell it, and will continue to daily drive it when I get back from my work trip. Thanks for reading! Asking price for all is 7500, im in southern California.
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