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It always helps to mention the year model of your KLR. Pre 2008 have different line connections than 2008 and newer . I assume yours is pre 2008. If your KLR is newer than 2007, the comments below will need to be slightly altered.

The metal connection on top of the forward carburetor throat is meant to connect to the forward and inward side of the stock petcock to operate the vacuum powered petcock to open or close the internal valve in the petcock. This allows fuel to flow when there is vacuum due to the running engine but, stops the fuel when the engine is off (no vacuum), Thus you don't have to open and close the petcock each time you start/stop the engine. If you have a replacement petcock which DOES NOT have the benefit of the vacuum power valve, it will have only one connection and the top carburetor connection should be sealed off and not connected to anything.

Does your petcock have one or two tube connection points?

As pdwestman stated the line from the back of the tank is a drain line and should just dangle down behind the engine to drain any gas that might be splashed out of the gas cap not connected to the carburetor.

If you have a stock petcock, it should have stock strainers inside the tank and an inline filter should not be needed. Some have reported problems with paper type filters and sintered metal ones are recommended if used.
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