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After installing a new fuel filter - I noticed fuel will not run into the filter when hooked to the carburetor. Fuel runs out of the tank no problem. I am wondering if I have the fuel lines hooked up correctly:
1. metal connection on top of front of carb is connected to tank gas cap.

Any ideas? thanks!
If the float bowl is already full, it doesn't yet need to be Re-Filled! So the float valve would be closed.
I'm guessing that you have a Manual Fuel Valve?

The top front brass fitting on the carb is Intended to be connected to the vacuum diaphragm of the OEM automatic fuel valve. If one is using a manual fuel valve that fitting on the Carb needs to be Capped!

The fuel tank vent hose Off of the Back of the tank needs to just dangle freely behind the engine, along side the shock spring.
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