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Fairly busy couple of days - us old farts work slow and groan a lot. I spent a little more time than I'd like to admit to, getting the doo done and it really didn't need it. Mine was one of the few, I guess, that still had tension on the spring and the chain was tight. I replaced it anyway and installed the torsion spring while at it......and hooking that thing up was fun..

I've read some about advancing the exhaust cam for more power, too, as well as a lot of back biting and b.s. but the good guys got their words in and it made sense.....sooo, as long as I had it this far........??

I won't go into the time consumed on that one, either - suffice it to say that it were more of a job than I expected

With the excellent advice of Tom and others, I also blocked the compression release and got a true compression reading. That wasn't quite as easy as expected, either. No room to work. When ready, I grounded the plug and socked it to 'er. It was fast - 3 pumps and it was up to 120 psi, right on the nose. I think I can live with that.

Having the doo done is more of a warm fuzzy, cause there's no effect on ride-ability, etc. The exhaust cam......?? The exhaust definitely is louder and has a sharper bark and I had to increase idle speed and mixture. Slowing down it really backfired - sounded like a machine gun.

Idle had gone from 1400 rpm to 1000 rpm and it died frequently, so cranked it back up where it belongs. ¼ turn out on the mixture took care of the backfiring - and I'm sure glad I invested in the finger adjustable mixture needle. Makes things a whole lot simpler.

Power is a little harder to pinpoint. How much am I being fooled by the louder exhaust ?? In any case, it "seems" like it has a much better higher mid-range. Not much difference at low rpm, I doubt it would wheelie - and d*mned sure I ain't gonna try it. I like the Me side up.

Question - I want to put the doo label on the engine and am unsure as to just what it is. Might be a peel off and stick-um but It looks to me like an old fashioned decal that you soak in water, then slide it off onto the metal. Seems like you should have a dab of soap in that water ?? Been a long time.

The only practical place I can see to put it would be on the outer case in the area of the starter transfer gears, but it gets pretty warm there. Will the decal hold up to the heat ??


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Dang Lar!
You do all that hifalutin' tech work on the engine then get stuck on a sticker!!:doublethumb:
I haven't put mine on yet either but I think it is just a sticker, not an old time decal.
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