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Over the past 5 months or so I've switched to shaving with a double edge safety razor. When I was learning to shave with one of these things, I hung out on this forum:


A lot of guys there do what is called a "PIF" or "Pay It Forward" where they give stuff away and I've always admired that.

I've decided to do the same with some of my stuff, but instead of doing it on that forum, I thought why not do it here?

Winner of the PIF will receive the following items. If you're new to it, learning how to use the stuff is up to you, but I'm more than happy to give advice although B&B is about the best place to learn how to shave with a safety razor.

-Merkur 23C/180 razor. This is the razor I started with and is a very mild and forgiving Hun-crafted razor that is capable of providing outstanding shaves. It has a long handle which might make it feel a little more "familiar" to those accustomed to shaving with cartridge razors.

-Omega 49 Boar Brush with stand. The stand is acrylic and has a crack in it, but it works for hanging the brush to dry. Really, all it's ever touched is soap, water and my face, but if you're freaked out by a used brush you can thoroughly clean/disinfect it with dish soap, shampoo, Borax, whatever. If nothing else, you can just pick up a new brush and you've got everything else you need. You will need either this brush or a new one to use the Proraso cream in the tube or either of the shave sticks.

-Partial tube of Italian Proraso Green shaving cream. This stuff is really good and is what I would recommend you try first. I don't have a bowl to provide to whip up your lather with the included brush, but just about any bowl will do. There's enough left in the tube for dozens of shaves. I will tell you it has a strong menthol/eucalyptus scent I find refreshing, but some don't like it.

-Shave sticks. 1 Arko and 1 Palmolive. I really like shave sticks. If they're foreign to you, you wet your face, wet the stick, rub the stick on your face until you get a coating of soap and then use the brush to whip it into a lather right on your face. Some like the smell of Arko, some hate it, but it's generally regarded as a stick that provides excellent lather. The Palmolive is generally held in high regard, too.

-Blades. I will include 5-packs of Feathers, Sharks, Lord and Astra SP's. I recommend starting with the Astras. I use Astras and Feathers on a daily basis. Sharks are OK but not my favorite blade and I've never used the Lords. Feathers are regarded as one of the sharpest blades out there, but I can honestly say I've never cut myself with one, even back when I didn't know what I was doing with the razor.

Anyhoo, all this can be shipped to you free of charge (in CONUS) if you're interested in experimenting with this way of shaving but have not done so because you don't know what to get or don't want to spend the money, This is your chance to get some free and proven items to give it a go.

I have chosen to do a random number PIF so I'm not forced into any decisions about who's "worthy" of the stuff. I doubt I'll get that many interested people, so I will pick a number between 1 and 100. To keep it interesting, post a short video of one of your favorite movie scenes/viral video/home video/a good joke/riding story/whatever. Include a number and 2 weeks from today whoever's number is closest to the one I've pre-chosen wins the stuff and I'll send it all to you for free. Oh yeah, and I'll need constant reminders of when the 2 weeks is up or sure as shit I'll forget.

Why am I giving it away if it's good stuff, you may ask? Well, wet shaving with a DE is very subjective. This stuff has worked well for me but I've done a lot of buying and experimenting to find my absolute favorite combo of razor/blade/cream and this stuff is just excess in my cabinet and sitting unused. Plus, the wife is starting to question why I have so much shaving stuff and I like helping folks out.

If I didn't think this stuff was good for somebody just starting out, I wouldn't offer it.

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Awesome idea! I wasn't on the Badger and Blade forum to much but spent most of my time at http://straightrazorplace.com/. Awesome guys there as well and tons and tons of info. The PIF is popular there as well, quite often the more seasoned members will offer to hone the noob's new straights for free to help them along.

Hat's off to you Planalp, love this! :)
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