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Here is some additional stuff to look for when changing the doohickey
This bike has about 12500 miles on it bought with about 7200 so I don't know the previous history of the doo... So here is what I found.

#1- end of spring attaching to balance lever was gone

#2- chain at rear(upper) balancer shaft was slapping case as can be seen in picture to left of sprocket. You can see 2 shiny grooves worn into case. This explains some alum. flakes found in oil filter. Will be pulling right case to clean oil screen. I have read of others having unexplained metal flakes at oil filter. I thought the flakes may have been made when I crashed and broke collarbone, checked for collarbone break before getting bike shut off...figured a chain running sideways might rub case somewhere...
Inspect case near chain path when doing the doo...

#3- was about to put rotor back on and while inspecting starter clutch in back of rotor found the coupler ring cracked at a bolt hole. Could not convince myself I would forget about the cracked ring spinning around at 6000 rpm so I'm changing it...see picture

click on picures to get bigger view...


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