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Hey there, I recently bought a very well used 2007 KLR. Bought the bike in PEI in early August and rode it back to Vancouver Island (~7800 km) within days of making the purchase. The bike is a total beater and I had planned on selling it once in BC, but I have developed a bit of a crush and am considering taking it to AK and back next spring...

Doohickey hasn't been done, valves need to be checked, and will likely swap out the chain and sprockets for a 16T. The bike ran very well the whole trip, but developed some irritating whirring-clicking sounds that seem to be coming from the instrument cluster -- but not sure. Also discovered that the drain plug's been screwed into a JB welded helicoil -- leaked a tad following an oil change in Sudbury but stopped once in Alberta. The bike didn't need any oil despite cruising at 4500-5000 RPM for 14 days.

I am wondering two things:

Anyone on Vancouver Island interested in lending a newb their doohickey tools for a weekend?
And is there any other maintenance issues that I should definitely address prior to another long haul?

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