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better than jb weld

unfortunately there is no oil pan on the KLR, it's integral to the side case making it no easy fix. Most just use JB weld.....taking the engine apart, splitting the cases, welding and putting everything back together is out of the skill range of most backyard mechanics and it would be cost prohibitive to pay someone by the hour to do all that - making engine replacement the likely choice for a proper repair.....hence the popular JB weld! If I was going to try to seal it up with JB weld, I'd probably use a rubber sealing washer to avoid leaks at less torque.....Toyota makes one IIRC.

A thing called ( pig-putty ) makes jb weld look like gum. We used it in the electric field to stop leaks in transformers, one can patch a leaky boat in the water with it. Dries in 20mns. I used it on a friends Harley, as he put a hole in his oil line, cleaned it and put 2 coats on it and he drove around for a few days before replacing the oil line.
( clean up the area, and put a small bit on, and let harden, then put a second over the first. ) Its good stuff, can be drilled and tapped.
A good welder could tell what the case is made of and also take care of it accordingly. If it can be soldered or braised, it can bbe don upside down.
Hope any of this helps.
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