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I'm not a MIG guy by any means. I can hardly spell MIG, so consider that in the following.

Can't you weld it in the position it is in? That case screw might be a bit in the way of your torch, but I don't think it should come out for fear of creating a seam leak.
@DPelletier @pdwestman @campfire

Using a MIG welder would mean that you would have to have a spool gun for aluminum. I think TIG welding (Heliarc) would be the way to go on that. It could be done with the bike on it's side, and grind out a channel along the crack.
Look for someone who does bike repair with a TIG welder in the shop, and you'll probably find someone who would welcome the challenge. I know my son would with his new Miller.
I would also drill the end of that fracture, along with still putting in a thread repair kit.

Good luck, you'll get it back on the road I bet.
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