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Maybe you need to attach a clear hose to the drain nipple on the bottom of the float bowl and drain the bowl into a clean glass jar to see if the gas station sold you some WATER with your fuel!
2008, 8K Miles
Died while slowing to turn into my neighborhood.
This Happened after going on a quick 5 minute drive to fill it up with gas. 93 grade unleaded, what I always put in it.
Now It only runs if I hold the throttle open to around 2K RPM. Dies soon as a release throttle to shift to slow (QUICK sputter out, not instant off)
Tried running it with the tank open, as it seemed like a vent/vacuum issue. No change.
I noticed the petcock was in RES when it died the first time... Kind of weird, I must have kick it forward into RES on a trail earlier in the day.
Moved petcock setting to ON just to try something else, No Change.
ALSO: If I get it running with the throttle open, then I open the choke it sputters out quickly. It WILL NOT start with the choke OPEN.
Any ideas? Thanks for any input.
I had a similar problem a few years ago. Carb was flooding. Turns out a small piece of debris from a deteriorating petcock gasket embedded itself in the rubber tip of the float valve needle. Needle valve therefore would not seat all the way. Excess gas would flow into the carb any time the engine was running so I had to burn it by running high rpm's or it would die. Would only start with throttle pretty open.
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