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2008, 8K Miles
Died while slowing to turn into my neighborhood.
This Happened after going on a quick 5 minute drive to fill it up with gas. 93 grade unleaded, what I always put in it.
Now It only runs if I hold the throttle open to around 2K RPM. Dies soon as a release throttle to shift to slow (QUICK sputter out, not instant off)
Tried running it with the tank open, as it seemed like a vent/vacuum issue. No change.
I noticed the petcock was in RES when it died the first time... Kind of weird, I must have kick it forward into RES on a trail earlier in the day.
Moved petcock setting to ON just to try something else, No Change.
ALSO: If I get it running with the throttle open, then I open the choke it sputters out quickly. It WILL NOT start with the choke OPEN.
Any ideas? Thanks for any input.
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