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Aloha generous and experienced good people in cyberlandia. I'm a newbie with an 86 kl600 that I've restored from trash to... well, still working on it.

Got it running (fixed electrical, timing, top-end, ... basically everything but the front forks)

Got a used rear shock. Replaced shock. Put all the pieces together again. Got one weak spark and nothing more upon turning over with electric start. Lost some hair.

I'm mediocre with my multimeter and narrowed it down to the ignition coil and CDI based on manual specs. Bought used ones, replaced, ... no fix, one weak spark.

Lost some hair.

Went through all electrical and found a female connector in the exciter or pickup (can't remember) harness that was pushed out. Felt relief. Fixed harness, but no fix problem. More hair loss.

The new and old CDI don't match specs in the manual. Nor does the ignition coil. Should be 2.5-4 ohms (on secondary winding me thinks). My old one reads 8.5 and replacement reads 9.2.

The CDIs, though not in sync with manual, read the same resistances.

Could that bad harness have fried the replacement ignition coil? If the resistance is that far off (double the max), does that guarantee the coil is bad?

Running out of money and hair. SOS.

I love you already and I don't even know you.

Muuuch Aloha
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