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Hey, I decided it's the perfect time to install the EM doo and torsion spring into my 2013 with 11000 KMs. I got the parts from another owner who got them new and totalled the bike before getting around to installing them, I know his was a Gen2 but can't remember the year, though I don't think it matters anyway.
The job seems pretty straightforward, one detail has me somewhat confused. Drilling the hole. I watched several videos and Eagle Mike installed it on a new 2022 model drilling the hole at about 4 o'clock and said it should be drilled at '4, 4:30 or 5'. Then i watched another video that said to put it at 5-5:30. I drilled mine at about 4:30. Putting it on with a little hooked pick was very straightforward. Then I started second guessing myself. Should I have made it more at 5-5:30? Am I overthinking it? Does it make a notable difference but only at
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higher wear levels?
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