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I have a 2015 KLR and it has a little less than 2K miles on it. It's been running perfectly until recently. Whenever I rev up from below 3k rpms to above 3k rpms the engine lurches like its going to run out of gas. The first thing I checked was how much gas was in the tank and it was full. I switched over to the reserve tank just to see if it would make a difference and it didn't. It has happened the past few time I've ridden but only after I've been riding for about 20 miles. It gets worse each time I ride it so I haven't ridden it for a week or two because I don't want to further damage anything if it is damaged.

sidenote: the engine temperature is normal when it happens

Any thoughts as to what might be wrong with my bike?

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The first thing that comes to mind is the tank venting system.

It could be a number of things, but the bike should be too new for most of the causes.

Try this: Take your second key and put it in the gas cap. Go for a ride, the sort that causes the problem. When it happens open the gas cap. If the problem goes away then it is the tank vent system.

Let us know and we can help trying to fix that (though it could well be that you're under warranty).


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First, welcome to the site.

2nd: Is the lurching at ALL rpms above 3,000?

My first stab is what Tom said about the gascap vent.

The other would be fuel flow at a trickle, but not enough to
hold higher revs? This was the reason for asking about all rpms
compared to just one place on the tach.
This would lead back to the venting or a possible fuel flow issue.
Loose or cracked vac-hose from carb to fuel valve/ petcock?
Float not dropping far enough to fill quickly enough.
Holed diaphram in the carb. This would run fine on the low jet
until the needle comes on.
Faulty ignition.
Really none of these issues should exist other than the first. Crud/dust
clogging the tank vent in the cap, or the little rubber thingie in the cap stuck.

On the other end if the fix is not that simple, I listed some of the stuff which I
also believe is in the service manual troubleshooting guide. Quite possible to have
received a factory "booger" on a part that normally doesn't fail, or rarely does
unless one gets past the quality guy and makes its way onto a bike. A bad whatever
would crap out more or less right away. On my '09, many of the hoses and rubber
cover boots were dryrotting by the second summer and were all replaced over the
course of a year or so.

I hope ya nail this out quick and simple,
or at least free at the dealer.

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