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Be careful when dealing with Moto Direct. Firstly phone and make sure that what you want is in stock. I have been waiting since May for a tank bag. I finally got tired of waiting and asked for a refund and then the fun began. It's a long story and I'm still waiting for my money.

Generally the service is alright and I am reasonably satisfied with the other items I bought from them. I found ordering from their web site was cheaper than going through eBay.

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I have a set since Aug '06.
I liked them. Carry a lot of stuff.
Problems: They hang low when full, the muffler melted the heat shield in the back of the right bag as well as the bungy cord. It also pressed the right plastic against the muffler & melted a hole in it.
The left bag ripped the length of the bag between the straps and the zipper to the main compartment. I carried a lot of weight in there, more than I should have and ran over some rough ground lately. I picked up some ebay racks to keep them away from the plastic & muffler.
Moto direct told me that there is a 2 year warranty on them & to send them back. I am doing that today so we will see how the service works out.
I have been happy with the stuff I got from them so far.

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I have made several orders with MotoDirect. This is how I rate them.
1-10 with 10 being the best

Product Knowledge: 1
I get the impression that whoever answers the phone has never seen a motorcycle or their products.
They will not tell you if a product is available unless you call. A lot of backorders.

Initial shipping charge is $18 so large orders are more economical as the price goes up about $1 per item after.

Product Quality
Helmets: 8
Price: Between $29 and $70
Gloves: 8
Between $12 and $40
Leather Tool Bag: 5
Price: $13
Cordura Full Length Jacket: 9.5
Price: $79

Price Point varies between products with Cordura and Helmets high but generally a good buy.

Most products seem to come from Pakistan though they claim EXL is an American Company.

I own and have seen 3 Helmets and they compare favorably with much more expensive helmets.

My Riding jacket is comfortable, durable, adaptable and very stylish.
My Leather riding gloves are well made and comfortable.
My helmet is a cool flat black Darrth Vader look. I ave had no problems with it.

I am hesitant to order some products because the pictures are so vague. I am pretty pleased overall with everything I have bought so far.
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