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Nelson Mandela had not long been released after 28 years in prison, sitting on his terrace enjoying a beer a truck pulled up, the oriental driver shouted up, 50 Skyline Rear axles! Mandela very confused shouted down "sorry not here".
The next day the same truck and driver turned up and shouted up to Mandela, "20 Terrano clutch plates"!
Mandela shouted down " I told you yesterday, not here".

Two days later the same truck and driver turned up at the Mandela residence, the driver shouted up 75 Patrol exhaust boxes.
Nelson by this time was getting very angry and shouted down to the truck driver, "Look I don't know what the hell you want so just F**K off and leave me alone".
The oriental truck driver shouted back "You no Nissan Maindealer"
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