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Two guys were wetting a line a sunny summer day when the fish & game warden drove up. As soon as one of the guys saw the warden, he shot up out of his chair, leaving all his gear behind and took off running down the lakeside.

The warden chased him for nearly half a mile, in mud, under other people's lines, through bushes, nothing could stop the determined runner.

Finally, he ran out of steam and gave up. The warden was breathless but managed to say "Alright sport, lemme see your license! I assume you ain't got one since you ran like a maniac."

"Oh here you go," he reached into his vest calmly and showed him the license.

Breathless still, the warden said, "Since you got your paperwork and all, why the heck did you run?"

"'Cause my buddy back there didn't."
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