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Howdy from South Carolina!
I just purchased most of a 2002 KLR650. The guy I bought it from got it at an estate sale and was putting it back together. He had to move and it needed to go so he put it on Craigslist, the price was right, so now I am the owner of a new project.

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All the info for reassembly is right here !!!
You picked the right place. The guys'll chime in when you need
help, but existing threads cover every part of the bike.
The service manual has it all too. I use the site and the book.

A project bike is a good time for the usual upgrades we generally do.
Luckily gen 1's are great bikes (they both are) and very little is done to
them. Most of the fellas (women can't reach the ground with the 35 inch seat)
get high grade frame bolts as they will occasionally wiggle out or shear.
Internally the balancer chain tensioner upgrade prevents a grenade possibility
also rare but common enuff to mention. There's some carb and exhaust tweaks
that boost mileage and performance that the EPA stole, nothing major at all.
A few like the stiffer landing gear from a fork brace and progressive springs. The
generation 1's hadda soft front end from the factory with too much dive.

Please stop reading now, put the scooter together, and go beat the crap out
of the thing!!! It can handle it.

Welcome to the zoo!!!

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