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I recently bought a used front cowling bracket to replace the bent one I had on my '14 model.

Checked the schematics/parts numbers for reference on one of the oem parts shops, Buy Honda,Polaris,Kawasaki,Yamaha,Suzuki,Can-Am,KTM,Parts

The '14 model, part number 11056-0188:

The '09 model, used to be 11054-0391 but is now 11056-0188:

So by this I assumed the parts from the different years to be directly interchangable.

However, when trying to mount my '14 speedometer hub onto the '09, I am clearly not dealing with two parts meant to fit together. The receiving holes in the bracket are too narrow for the speedometer cluster plastic pins.

Now, my old speedometer hub is somewhat damaged but usable, so I wouldn't mind a replacement and have found a used part for sale. This part is from an '08 KLR.

Here are my questions, and I would appreciate any feedback:

A: Is there a resource I can reference when it comes to interchangeability of parts across KLR model years?

B: Would the '08 Speedometer hub fit the '09 bracket and line up with my '14 cowel plastics?

Thanks in advance!
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