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Im looking to use an inline fuel filter and some clear fuel with new clips. Im not really a fan of the factory clips. Theres alot of options out there. is there one place I can get all of these on one shot?

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No inline filter.

That's the general outlook here as there's a filter in the tank
and an additional filter will slow the very low pressure gravity
fed system.

I like to use clear vinyl tubing for a gas line too. Needs replaced
annually as it gets hard, then brittle. I like to see in there tho.

Small hose clamps (worm gear type) seal great and are reusable
for the life of the bike.

A note of caution and care removing and replacing the hose at the carb.
Plastic fitting and it can snap off kinda easy. My choke nipple is broken
and has been for at least 5 years. Never replaced it as it's easier to work
on now. LOL The two pieces stay tight together, and it can't break if it's
already broken????

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