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08 KLR stock stock stock with doo-hickey.
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Three guys worth of "muscle" should not be necessary to get the tank back on. Something is definitely amiss.

Do you recall when you took it apart, after taking the two bolts out did the tank kind-of shift into the misaligned state your photo shows? Or as you took the bolts out did things just stay where they were?

If the bike tips or crashes just the wrong way, with the weight of the bike pushing on the tank, one or both of those front tank mount puck posts can bend out of position. Might even have been a previous owner.

The other possibility is one or both of those pucks out of position on their mounting stems. Over the course of two days of struggling you've checked that.

Maybe three guys worth of muscle have force-straightened the puck posts back closer to where they should be.
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