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I bought a new Green KLR 650 in December 2005. I put 2211 miles on her in about 9 months. I took her to TdT in the spring. Early summer I took her Webster Springs, WV. In mid summer I took her out west to Moab, Ut, Silverton, Co and Farmington, NM. Altough my time riding her was short, it was great. I sold her early October to a fine fellow from TN. I thought I'd post a few of my favorite pics. I hope you enjoy the selection.

This pic was taken within days of purchase. It was my first off-road ride.

This was taken on the same ride with my brother, Scott. After this outing we decided stock tires probably wouldn't do.

Getting ready to ride some of the Hatfield McCoy trail in southern WV.

A quick breather on the Hatfield McCoy trail with Matt and Steve.

Hooking up with Heath in Webster Springs, WV.

A view not far from Webster Springs, WV.

One more from the Webster Springs area.

TdT 2006. I'm in the middle with my brother Scott.

Our hotel at TdT.

Ride shot from TdT.

Another shot from TdT.


And another.

Getting ready to go up Black Bear Pass in Colorado.

Near the top.

My father-in-law Terry and me at the top.

Looking for more trails nearby.

Found a beautiful view on a bad day at Hurricane Pass.

Looking down at Anamis Forks Ghost Town near Silverton, CO.

I couldn't pass up this Engineer Pass. Great photo op!

On the Colorado River near Moab, UT.

On the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands near Moab, UT.

The Green River in Canyonlands.

The Hog Back on the White Rim Trail.

My father-in-law, Terry, riding his pastor's Honda. Old but still has miles left. I am talking about the bike :roll:

Can you see me under the rock?

Just another view from the White Rim Trail.

If you want to see more pics of my KLR as well as my Road Star, go to http://www.bikepics.com/members/kruzn/ .

As you can see, I have been blessed with some great riding. I sold the Road Star prior to buying the KLR. I don't currently have a motorcycle, but will probably get back into riding in a year or two. Until then :cry: Enjoy the road for me.


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Jamie said:
So I gotta ask.....after all that fun, why the sale? Inquiring minds wanna know....if it's not too personal ;)

Actually it's more than one thing. But mostly, riding off-road started loosing it's appeal a little. I like the idea, but not enough lately to actually get out there. After returning from the west, I just didn't have the same desire.

I took a long road ride out west summer '05 on my Road Star. I covered 3000 miles starting and ending in Albuquerque, NM. I just about saw everything. So, when I returened I sold my R*. Then, I went to the KLR. After my adventures out west, I once again sold my motorcycle.

I guess the moral of the story for me is "Dont take the bike out west". I figure the hunger for the road will return after winter. However, I'll probably hold out for a year or so to bank some money.

Nothing real interesting, but you asked ;)

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Sorry to see you go.Hard enough to find riding partners in wv.Maybe when spring rolls around the bug will bite.Good luck

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