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The first of October dawned as a beautiful day. My friend Dennis called and wanted to go riding. I have known him forty years. We met in the first grade, he was my best man 24 years ago when I married Mrs. ham! Dennis managed to flat wear out his Gold Wing and recently bought an Electra Glide so the day was a Harley adventure. I did have to move the KLR to get my Road Glide out of the garage though :oops: . Dennis and I share a somewhat twisted sense of everything and consulted the following website for places to go:


Mrs. ham! joined us for the day. We headed south on I-57. First stop was the Amish smorgasbord in Tuscola. The chow is very good there. I ate four different pork products; ham, bacon, pork roast, ham-loaf. Ride hard, eat pork! Had some other stuff too. Apple pie for desert and back on the road. Mrs. ham! was wishing she had worn a windbreaker, heh-heh.

Second stop was the Hippy Memorial in Tuscola.

It was put together by a somewhat eccentric local who according to the information at the site was not a hippy. It isn't a real major attraction but today it was a destination. For any old hippies out there, and you know who you are, it is a place to go mourn the loss of the craziness that was the 60's & 70's. I left a ladybug that had hitched a ride on my bike at the memorial.

Next stop was a backtrack to Champaign. There we located this:

This big dude was handmade out of copper in 1949 to promote a heating business, one town to the east. It was moved to this apple orchard in 1994. You get a rare glimpse of my most photogenic side in the picture also, grey shirt. I'm not saying what is under the loin cloth. Draw weight on the bow was estimated at 65 lbs by the strain on Big Chiefs face.

From there we rode out of town and hit the two lane back north. We stopped to assist a couple. They were riding home when she got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. There are lots of middle of nowheres in Illinois. We were able to get assistance coming for them and rode on. The farmers were bringing in the crops and the trees are just starting to show fall colors.

All in all, a great days ride and two more roadside attractions found.
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