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After many years of talking about it, I finally mustered up the testicular fortitude to sell my truck and buy a KLR! My eventual dream is to ride to Alaska, but I'm a full-time student at the California Maritime Academy right now, and have neither the time nor resources for a trip of that magnitude at this point.

But...I do have the month of May free before I board a ship bound for the South Pacific this summer. I plan to make use of that time with a roadtrip on Mr. Miyagi (my new-to-me 2002 KLR 650). I have no route detailed beyond the first week. I will leave here (SF Bay Area) Wednesday, April 27th and head south along the Big Sur coast towards my friend's house in San Luis Obispo. After that, I'm thinking of heading East into and over the Sierras, and then on to wherever the wind takes me. The original plan had been a National Parks tour culminating at Yellowstone, but now I'm learning that many of the roads may still be closed due to snowpack, so I may have to veer farther south through Zion, Bryce, and beyond.

My meager student budget gave rise to the trip's motto: PBJs for lunch, and PBRs for dinner! I plan to camp off fire roads, and under upen skies most of the journey, but I also enjoy meeting new people along the way. I am member of couchsurfing. com which is a community of people who offer their couches for fellow travelers. I've hosted a few people over the years, and I have already contacted a few people who have offered me their couch for a night on this trip. Then I thought: how cool would it be to stay with other KLR owners!?

I am a total newbie to KLRs, and to motorcycles in general (I just got my license this month), so I could definitely benefit from any knowledge I might pick up from other KLR owners along the way. Plus, I figure that by the time I get to YOUR place, I will have had some experience on the road and will likely be able to provide some advice and input that might help YOUR future travels.

I plan to do this trip alone, but I have a semi-flakey friend who claims to be frantically searching for a bike upon which to join me in this voyage. If you have a couch, or even just a backyard that I can pitch my tent up in, I (or, possibly, we) would be much obliged! Both of us are 31 years old, very well traveled, easy-going, simple-living, vegetarian, open-minded, non-judgemental voyagers. I promise we can keep you entertained with stories from the road (between the the two of us, we've probably visited somewhere around 70 countries), and we will clean up after ourselves!

As I said, the trip plan is totally open. States I'd like to visit are Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California (especially the Sierras...I'm already intimately familiar with our beautiful coast). I love natural features and places of historical significance.

Let me know if you have room. I'm especially interested in staying with people who are as naturally enthusiastic about having strangers stay with them as I am!

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