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Got to do the Doo

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Bought my 2014 KLR last month. It only had 80 original miles on it. About the only installed goodies on it were SW Motech crash bars.

After learning about the Doo-hickey and Thermo-bob I figured it would be a good idea to upgrade these sooner than later.

I began the project about 3 weeks ago. As I was removing all the plastic and gas tank I decided to check out the air cleaner and discovered a bunch of cancer. First thing I noticed was a hole melted in the bottom near the air cleaner. As I began to dig some more I began to realize the damage was much more extensive. After removing the subframe and airbox the total damage was very apparent. Check out the pics. Holes melted on both the clean and dirty sides. Definitely bad Ju Ju.

I think what happened was the previous owner loosened the muffler clamp while installing the crash bars and forgot to tighten it up. So I bought the bike and proceeded to put about 400 miles on it, all the while there was a blow torch melting the airbox whenever the engine was running.

FYI the airbox is on backorder from Kawi. The local dealership had no delivery date at all. I ended up finding a used on on ebay for $33, which is a lot cheaper than list price of $180.

While the bike was apart I installed all the goodies: Doo-hickey, Thermo-bob, JD jetting kit. Plus I built heat shields for the airbox and the coolant tank nipple area.

Going forward part of my maintenance routine will include Doo-hickey adjustment and retorque exhaust header bolts and muffler clamp at every oil change.
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Looks bad. Did you do any dirt riding or dusty conditions?
Yea, that’s the factory heat shield. But it doesn’t extend all the way past the front of the airbox, which is where the melt hole occurs if the exhaust is leaking or gets too hot.
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