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As i reported in an earlier thread, i blew my stock shock and looked for a replacement rather than a rebuild..... not many choices here in Australia so i went with a Hagon { made in England } .... it arrived in around 8 days and was promptly fitted and tried....... first impressions where it was a bit stiff, so i decided to reduce the preload a little .... first problem, it was damn near impossible to adjust the bloody thing short of removing it which i wasn't gonna do, so i tried the C spanner supplied and no good, then i tried a piece of wood and a mallet, better but no good , so in the end i used a long flat tip screw driver and a hammer which worked slowly but was making a mess of the adjusting ring so only one complete turn was all i managed........ step 2 fiddle around with the damping which is simply a matter of turning an allen screw either clock wise { stiffer} or anti clockwise {softer} to get a result, problem 2, if you set the damping for a smooth ride which is about half way in, if you go over even a small bump it top's out, so to reduce the topping out you have to set the damping pretty firm which then make's for a slightly harsh ride on everything but really rough trails where strangely it works well again. So do i like this shock........ well yes and no, yes it is an overall improvement to the bikes handling if the damping is set very firm and will probably prove to be excellent fully laden, and no as the adjustability seem's limited to the upper end of the scale which means solo the ride can be a little harsh.
Just a few more thoughts about this shock, you can order it with a remote preload adjuster for an extra couple hundred big one's which to me seem's way to expensive given it set me back $ 699 AU as it was, but given the fact that it's very hard to adjust the preload without one it may have been a wise investment. Also when you order it you can specify how you want it to perform and they will build it that way, again may have been a smart move, and also i have only done about 400kms on this unit so it may take a while to loosen up, my mate has a Hagon on his BMW and it did take a while to break in.
Overall i would rate it a 6 out of 10 but would rate it much higher if it came with the remote preload adjuster as standard
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