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A few of us decided to ride over to watch the 4th annual Hard Labor Creek Hare Scramble this past weekend.
The race is held near Chipley, FL. It is sponsored by Tallahassee Trail Riders
Here are a few of the pictures I took

Waiting on the horn

This was the bottleneck right after the starting line

The riders had the option of taking an endurocross short cut.
It would save 10-15 sec if done right

There were two ways to cross the logs
The “Safe” way

Or the “Fast” way

The Quads had a hard time

A few woods shots

Hurricane walking over by the pits

We saw 2 KX 500s
Rockyspike got recruited to hold one of them

Here is the other

We talked to the Trail Boss, He had just gotten his new toy a few days earlier
Yes, that is a KLX450R

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Great report like always, but I will have to say you have out done yourself, the close ups in the woods are your best pics yet! You'll have your work cut out to beat those. I really like the one of the guy on the Kawi # 22 I think, that's one good picture, it's got "Dirt Rider" wrote all over it.
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