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Headlight removal

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Hi guys

Seems like a silly question but I ask as I hope not to cause any unnecessary damage to my bike. I have a 2007 KLR and need to change my headlights (both the main and bright beam have died).

From internet research I do see that people say that its possible to do the change by squeezing your hand between the backo of the headlamp and the steering column area (handlebars/dash... not sure what you call this).

I can easily reach this but there's a black round rubber cover that covers the back of the headlight. How do I remove this to get to the headlight? Pulling on it doesn't seem to work, it feels more like I'm going to tear the rubber if I pull too hard. Is there a clip or release somewhere?

Much appreciated if somone could provide some specifics on the technique/method to do this

Many thanks
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If I remember currently that rubber boot is just a friction fit. Should come off. Sometimes they can be tight if they have been on for a while. The plastic faring on the front is quite easy to remove with signals attached. That will give you more room and a better view.
Be it a 2007 Gen 1 or a manufactured in 2007 Gen 2 with twin headlight bulbs, the electrical connector must be pulled / removed from the headlight bulb 1st!
The water-boot must then be removed to expose the 'spring-clip' which actually holds the bulb into the reflector.
One may or may not be able to see what one is doing, during this!
We work by 'Braille' quiet a lot on these bikes, unless one wants to truly 'dis-mantle' the bike for "easy-access"!
Pdwestman summed it up.
Pull the harness plug off the bulb.
Pull the rubber boot off the light fixture.
Release the spring clip that holds the bulb in place.
Remove the bulb.

Then install the new bulb with the alignment tab in the proper notch in the fixture being careful not to touch and get body oil on the bulb glass.
Then do the above in reverse.

None of this is hard. Especially after doing it once with the fairing pulled out. But, I recommend you do it with the fairing pulled the first time so you can see what you are doing and decide if you want to do it blind the next time. I personally just undo four bolts and slide the fairing out and get 'er done.

By the way did you check for a blown fuse?
Excellent description pdwestman!
That is why I like this site so much. I see your initial thread and think, "I can help!"
So once I look into to the thread I see some of the best members of the forum have already contributed!
Go at it FreeFly...you will get it!
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