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Hi all. Got a 2014 KLR650EES back in May. Been getting re-acclimated w/ riding since then & just found this place. It's my first bike since I was 19. Had a CBR600 back then, but now I'm 42 & have a different interests other than going super fast w/out a helmet!

My main interests are gonna be getting into the adventure touring scene & commuting during the season. I'm mechanically inclined & work well w/ my hands as a welder & formerly a carpenter, but don't know much about working on bikes or any engines for that matter. Over the fall/ winter I hope to learn a lot about all the necessities of touring & working on my bike as I want to take a trip out west next year. ATM the only mods I've done to the bike is put on some crash bars, a center stand & skid plate.

I'm not sure if this is where I should ask questions, & I've been doing a bit of research here & there, but I'll have plenty beginning w/ advice on all the mods & equipment I'll need to safely tour, possibly on my own, as I've no adventure rider friends atm.

Anyhow, glad to be here & look forwards to getting to know you all.

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Welcome aboard. I'm from 40 years in Michigan City, now the up in the sticks
north of LaPorte at the state line.

You are most definitely at the right site. I researched about 5 or 6 and joined here.
Every possible modification, upgrade, repair, and/or general maintenance is here.
Couple that up with the most helpful riders and knowledgeable wrenches also being
here and your bike will never see the inside of a dealership again. My '09 has 18,000+
miles and is in perfect working order. I'm the only one who has ever worked on it.
These guys walk ya thru stuff step by step and even take pics of what it should look
like, and what things shouldn't. They/we post youtube links of procedures, loan specialty
tools around the country for ten bux shipping. You don't have to buy a tool you only need
once. These guys are just that awesome.

As no machine is perfect, there is a fix or upgrade here that will make a very good
bike almost failure proof. There are no pressing issues so ride the crap outta the
thing and after the snow flies you can do some stuff if you choose. (I chose to.)
I disabled every safety switch (things that can fail on the road/ trails stranding us)
on the bike. Just another wire that can pop off or get crud and kill the engine.
I actually have to look at the kickstand and look at the neutral light just like we did
as young bucks and our dads did.

I hadda CB750 and a CBR 700 SC so we come from the same beginnings. 49 years old
here and I act every bit of 17 on my bike LOL.

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy learning/ fixing your machine.
The off topic lounge is a good spot for a joke or anything about life in general
outside of riding to live. It's more like a big dysfunctional family here, not
just KLR guys wondering what oil works best. We also cover which ways of living
work best. Hows that fer a biker site?


I tour cross country or parts thereof solo. If we have some common ground to yak about
I'd like a touring partner myself. Next summer I'm hoping to do the Lake Mi Circle tour
at 989 miles over a few days.
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