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Honda's biggest mistake was trying to be Harley. They wasted way to much time and resources trying to lower their standard to Harley's level.
The ONLY Harley Davidson that Honda sort of 'Copied' was the XR750 V-Twin flat-track race bike. Both long departed models.

They need to stop making bikes for the Asian market. Maybe focus on the US for a change where we have interstate highways going 85mph plus. With 6 feet plus tall people. I'm so sick of these short tiny under powered bikes. With a top speed of 65-70 down hill.
They don't sell XR650L's, Africa Twins, CBR1000's, VTX1800's, Valkaries or GoldWings in those Asian countries.
Same scenario for Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.

If you were to do a little research you'd probably find that the Asian Market has a Lot More volume for all bike manufactures (selling over there) than the USA. There are simply more people over there.
Yes they are smaller, more economical models (50 - 250cc are most common.) than most of what they sell over here.
Sales of the larger, taller, fancier, higher-tech models in richer countries like N. America, Europe & Australia help the bike companies to produce the cheaper models for the less developed countries.
1 - 4 of 44 Posts