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Honda Is Joining The Middleweight Adventure Bikes

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It's official:
2023 Honda Transalp 750

460 lbs. claimed curb weight. 7.9" and 7.5" of suspension travel F and R respectively. 21/18 wheelset. Claimed 90 hp, so maybe 75 rwhp in US trim. Looks boring like a Honda but the hardware is there. Look at the ground clearance! I think a skid plate is optional since video shows the bike with a big skid plate. I'm getting a hard on.

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I traded my 2017 KLR in for a new 2022 knowing that the Transalp would probably be out soon. One thing my 1983 Honda Sabre taught me was give them at least 3 model years to get the bugs worked out. So maybe when the 2025 / 2026's come out I might take a look.
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