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I'm planning on heading out to Terlingua/Big Bend on or around September 28 for about a week or so. Will be doing mostly camping and of course will be doing some off roading too but nothing too difficult. Mostly double track and dirt roads so nothing too gnarly. I'm very much into photography so if hitting some scenic spots and not being in a hurry sounds good to you then feel free to come along.

I usually go to Terlingua the first week of October each year but this will be my first time going on a motorcycle. The weather around this time is usually decent and Terlingua is always a fun trip to make.

If you're interested just respond to and/or follow this thread. Riders from anywhere are welcome to join me and those of you in Austin or San Antonio can always meet up with me in San Antonio or if you're in Dallas or Corpus then you might want to meet up in Del Rio.

Still plenty of time to plan if you're interested.
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