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How to find common parts for the 2022

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Go to Rocky Mountain and set up an account.
Go to the OEM parts look up and find your part.

For example, if you want to know if the air cleaner element is common to past KLRs you would follow this string: OEM Parts> Kawasaki>Motorcycle>2022>KL650FNFNL KLR650*>Air Cleaner

Select the picture of the air filter element and click on the find number above it. You will see a box pop up with the details:
Rectangle Font Slope Parallel Screenshot

Now, RMATV's fiche is not smart, but Partzilla's is. Go to Partzilla and enter the part number. This will come back:
Product Font Screenshot Advertising Hamburger

See there, in the box called 'Related Fitment'? You can scroll through that and see what motorcycles use that filter. It was all of the KLR650s and the KLX650s.

If you ask Partzilla to bring up a part that is not common to Gen1 and/or Gen 2 you will get this:
No products matched.

This is because a) Partzilla does not have the 2022 parts list yet and b) because the footrest is not common to anything but the 2022 KLR.
*There are 10 models of 2022 KLR650 listed in the RMATV parts list. Pick the one that applies to your bike so you can be sure to find the part you are looking for (though there is very little difference beyond decals, accessories and ABS).
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The Babbitts Kawasaki Parts House "Search screen" seems to be even Smarter than Partzilla's "Search screen",
OEM Parts Part Search Results

But for some unknown reason, Babbitts doesn't have ANY 2022 model Bikes, ATVs, SxS or PWC in their parts system Yet!

I really wish that RMATV/MC had the parts search screen. But it never hurts to compare prices between companies and that is easy to do with two or three screens open on a real computer.
Can you not read the "Where Used" to 'click on' in light green to the right of "ADD"? Tilt your screen a bit. :)
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