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my Name ist "Kielius" .. living near by Kiel in West-Germany.
(Kiel is in the north of the city Hamburg. *smile*)

Since three weeks I´m the owner of a KLR 650 B1 Tengai.
My neibourgh has had problems with it for a few years ago... still this time it was not used... standing in a garage. *smile*

Now there are some things to doo... but I´ve time enough... an older man out of working. *smile*

Pictures are following... with greetings from Germany...

Your Kielius "Wolle"

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Kielius: Welcome to our little corner of the Net, the home of the world's most dedicated KLR 650 owners.

Reading is fun, but being involved is way better! Make us your online KLR 650 source.

Share your views, spread the word and bring your friends.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your KLR. You'll be able to show it off once you have 15 forum posts behind you.


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