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This is SUCH a useful tank bag!!

Product Sleeve Grey Luggage and bags Bag

But it's just too dang wide for the KLR tank. (granted if you flip it around the otherway it fits a little better with the taper at the bottom, but it's still WAY too wide)

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Such a good tank bag, magnets have always been good, capacity is great and the "beavertail" and the way it will wrap around when used as a backpack is awesome!

I had brought the wrong keys for this ride and couldn't use my cable lock for jacket and pants or even the helmet lock on the panier rack! (and it was shit hot out!). But I was able to get pants in the main comparment and jacket with the beavertail rolled round it and then still buckle my helmet through the chin bar on the back so i was still able to go for a hike without taking a risk and leaving any gear behind.

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SO, the point of all of this rambling is to ask if anyone knows of a narrower tank bag that has the same wrap around beavertail and backpack straps/functionality of this tank bag? Unfortunately Icon doesn't make tank bags anymore, just backpacks. And I have been searching and the wrap around beavertail, (which is actually to wrap around your helmet when it's being carried by the backpack so it doesn't get scratched/dinged), seems like nobody else has done that???

The only tank bag that is anywhere near close seems to be the Mosko Moto Nomad/Nomax. It has a small beavertailt that will let you slide your chin bar through and decent backpack straps. So it could carry a helmet. But no way would I get my pants inside or jacket neatly bundled around/beneath, etc. Also, DANG it's expensive for what is basically a camelback with some magnets on it!! :)

Anyway, so any other tank bag recommendations that turn into good/decent backpacks that would be a better fit on the KLR would be appreciated...


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Check out the Chase Harper tank bag.
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