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It's been a while since I've ridden a carb motorcycle, and this is my first single. My question is, does anybody else have slight variances in the idle. For example, I set it at 1200 and it ussually stays there. But I find if I'm doing higher rpm riding and come to a stop, it may hang around 1400. Then at my next stop its back to 1200. It's always between the recommended 12-14 but I notice it varied at times.

I will also add, its done this since new, 6 months ago. It now has 3600 miles. Usually with a sticky throttle or hanging cable, this would go away with rocking the bars or the throttle. However, this is not the case. I really only notice it hanging 150-200 rpm's higher when running higher rpms. Then, like I said, its back to normal at the next stop.

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My '09 does it once hot.

I'm set at 1300 but it goes higher and lower after reaching full running temps.
It never races, and has only died a few times in 7 years.

For my individual bike at least, this is fine with all the mods and disassemblies I've
done. Hovers at 13, but 11-14 happens at least a good dozen or two times a season.

Adjusting the big screw at stoplights I've found to be pointless.

Enjoy the bike,

PS. Keep an eye on how it acts. This is also an early warning system for the idle
mixture circuit.
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