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G day Rider setters...

I need some real help here....

I gotta 2003 C Series Klr 650 Euro Version and like to know if the IMS 6.6 Plastic tank will fit without too much hassle. Any difference from its purpose to fit the A - Series KLR.
Also any clues on upgrading the stock seat from hemroids after 40 minutes riding.
Pics/stas anything that will assist to crack this problem.....

Regards .....The Slap.

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Been there done that and the feel all the better for having done so .!!!!

I Too have a “C” and wanted more fuel range and a more comfee seat .

I went the way of a std metal tank though for a couple of reasons
1. IMS tanks are not as UV stable as other plastic tanks makes.
2. For the money the extra 1.5 litres an IMS gives over a s/h “A” model metal tank is not good value.

I got a great deal off fleabay for a 2004 ish “A’ tank and seat.
The tank fitted no problem , however I did need to cut off the side panel mounts on it to allow me to keep my “C” side panels. ( not sure if the IMS tank will allow you to keep the C panels )

The seat on the other hand needed some pretty drastic surgery to fit it .
The rear mounts are in different places on the 2 models . on reflection it may have been simpler to mod the “C” seat to fit the tank and improve comfort how ever I wanted to retain the original.

The result is all I wanted 24 ltrs of fuel and a seat I can sit on all day .

Sorry Cant get the pics to upload . if your intrested,pm email address and i will forward them

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Hi Mangoslap,
I also have a "C" model. I looked at all the information available regarding putting the "A" model tank/aftermarket big tanks on it and settled for an original Acerbis 23.5litre one made especially for the "C". They were made up to around 1996.
I searched for 2 years and finally found the exact one here in Melbourne.
The tank when filled compresses the front forks quite a bit but when I have the bike loaded for rallies the whole bike is lowered. I now don't experience the normal light weight front end that I experienced using the original tank.
The design of the new tank allows you to keep the original seat for the "C" but it doesn't fit lengthwise correctly so I use it with the seat bolts removed.
Otherwise it is an improvement and gives me around 350-400km range.
If you want to make the "A" tank fit properly with an "A" seat I believe you need to change the rear subframe.
Good luck with your mods, for the KLR they just keep coming!
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