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Like riding your KLR (or any bike) and trying something new? The Bonzia run is a road rally that's similar to a Iron Butt competition, except that it's only 13 hours long. Basically, it's like a Midwestern Scavenger Hunt..

I've ridden in this rally several years and it's a lot of fun and the folks are great!!

Here's some answers to your current head scratching..

The Numbers:

650 -- # of miles (approx.) winning ride will cover in 13 hours
113 -- # of days left until Bonzai 2008
79 -- # degrees Farenheit average high in Richland Center May 25
71 -- # of counties in Wisconsin
65 -- # of entries available originally
52 -- # degrees Farenheit average low in Richland Center May 25
37 -- # of entries available as of 2/1/08
13 -- # of hours available for rally fun
6 -- # of classes available (Luddite, Vintage, 2up, Rookie, Experienced, Expert)
6 -- # of states with bonus potential (WI, IL, IA, MI, MN, MO)
4 -- # of motels in Richland Center awaiting your reservation
2 -- it's two, two, two events in one

Did you know that:
Orson Welles, Les Paul, Allen Ludden, Frank Lloyd Wright, Spencer Tracy, Tyne Daly, Chris Farley, Tom Snyder, Heather Graham, Jackie Mason, Deke Slayton and Frank Caliendo were born in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin also likes to claim being the home to Houdini, and Fred MacMurray, although neither was really born here.

These are all important things for the well prepared rally rider to consider.

Currently loading the Yukon with enough Diet Coke to float a battle ship, digital cam, stack of legal pads, my favorite daughter, Henry the narcoleptic English Pointer, and setting off for a weekend of bonus hunting. It has been far too long since coffee and pie on the road. That will be remedied today. The work never ends ...

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I rode in the 2005 Bonzai and had a great time. Most of the bonus points were located in the south western portion on wisconsin which happens to be my favorite section on the state to ride in. I am riding in the Bonzai this year. Sounds like it might be the last year for the Bonzai to be in WI. Oh by the way Paper Al and I are riding KLR's what did you say you were taking? :16a:

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Oh by the way Paper Al and I are riding KLR's what did you say you were taking? :16a:

Well, we were part of the Bonzia again this year.. As Double A pointed out, I didn't ride my KLR.. I should have, as it would have saved me a lot of money..
I arrived in Richland Center, WI for the rally on Saturday and planned on riding the poker run.. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of stopping at the local bike shop.. I had ridden my 1995 Goldwing and had planned on riding like the big boys, using my computer for routing and my GPS to steer me into a good finish in the Expert Class..

Instead, I test rode a 1800 Goldwing at the dealership.. 2 hours later I rode away from the dealership on a brand new, 2008 Goldwing, and had gained motorcycle payments for the next 3 years.. :57:

I also included my old Garmin Quest GPS in the trade, and ended up with a new bike and not even a map for the next day's event..

So, I ended up riding the event while breaking in my new toy.. I rode in the Ludite class (paper maps, no electronics) with Double A and 60/40 on their KLR's..

At the end of the event, I instructed both of them to double check their scoring sheets, and then check them again.. I guess I should have taken my own advice, as I screwed up and didn't take 3 bonuses that I'd earned.. So, I ended up in last place in my class..:33:

In the end, I had a blast, and got to ride a very fun event with two great friends, and of course they beat me in scoring, too..

I get em' next year!!!:evilgrin0007:
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