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Intro to Baja KLR ride: Fall 2015

Looking to see if there's interest in a weekend KLR ride to Baja. The route will really depend on the experience of the riders...it'll be the same destination with different trails to get there. Let me know. (Here or on my Facebook site: KLRistas Unite! at https://www.facebook.com/groups/468009736697499/?fref=nf)

Below is the rough itinerary. Call it “Baja Lite.”

This will be a limited off-road ride (80/20) with beach camping, spectacular coastal views and some fine Baja cuisine (tacos, ceviche, etc.). This ride will provide those who haven’t experienced Baja an opportunity to see and ride some beautiful Mexican landscape away from the border areas without an extremely difficult ride. While this won’t be as challenging as the ride to Mikes Sky Rancho or the Baja 500/1000 routes, it will give those new to Baja an idea of what’s available in Mexico and likely whet your appetite for future Baja adventures.

We will depart San Diego on Saturday morning and return by Sunday afternoon. We will ride a little over 300 miles total over two days, mainly via the highways, all during daylight hours. The off-road portion will consist of hardpack dirt roads and some light sand. Beach riding is available for the adventurous souls who want to do that. We will ride on Mexico Highways 3 and 1, passing through a couple military checkpoints. As well, we will be on a toll road for about 60 miles on the return ride.

No need to carry too much stuff. Just camping gear, an overnight bag and the tools you’d normally carry for minor repairs and tire changes. There is a hostel (research Coyote Cal’s) and other lodging available in Erendira for those not inclined to sleep on the beach – but I don’t recommend it. Ejido Erendira is a rustic farming/fishing community about 60 miles south of Ensenada with some nice riding opportunities and even nicer people.

Here is a very rough map showing the main routes: http://goo.gl/maps/CMWX7

I have not yet inputted the GPS tracks for the route between Santo Tomas and Erendira along the coast.
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