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Hey everyone, its been a while since I have posted a ride report here. This one is over a 2 day period, not alot of miles covered, but interesting never the less.
Last Saturday, the weather was in the 70's, so Brad and I decided to ride into work that day. At around 2pm, we decided to close our shop (ya gotta love working for youself) and go for a ride before we head home.
We are only 3 miles from our shop when I come over a hill, into a corner and there is a woman walking along side the road in riding gear and carrying a helmet. I slow down and look at her as I go by and think, that looks just like my brothers (Brad) wife (Sandy). I look ahead and see a guy rolling a bike down the road, weaving alot, then pulls off the road. I now recognize him, it is Sandys brother Randy (I know, it rhymes). I pull over and see Brad stopping, because he recognized his wife (smart man). I thought they might have went down, but they both looked OK. Randy said he was coming into the corner (I will show you in a minute) and the front tire went flat, at 65mph. They didn't go down, but REALLY close to.
The weird thing is, we didn't know Randy was in town, plus they didn' call to say they were on their way. Chance meeting.
After looking at Randys tire, we find the problem. A broken valve stem....

We found some wood to stack up to get the front wheel off the ground, with the bike on the center stand.
A little history on the bike, it is a 83 Honda 750 Sabre, Randy bought it new in 83 and has had the bike the whole time. 24 years. He rebuilt the motor at 80,000 miles, and the bike now has 169,000 miles.

Here is the corner. We were coming from the top, going down hill. Sandy was a third of the way down and Randy was pulling into the gravel turn off.

I know, shameless:ashamed0005: .......

Well, after Brad ran back to the shop for tools, he gets his tire off and Brad and Sandy run it into Worley (3 miles) to have a new stem put in. Sandy gets the honor for carrying the tire......

I think Randy could get a part in the next "Mad Max" movie:)

Within 30 minutes, they are back with the tire. Randy, putting the tire back on.........

All was good, and Randy left for home the following morning. Another 70 degree day, so Jake and I pull the bikes out. Again, we didn't ride far, but we rode. Some friends from Anacortes were over for the week end so we rode over to wear they were staying in Hangman valley. After a visit, we took some back roads home. Some might remember this new bridge they have been working on for 2 years. At least the crane is gone....

Jake, checking out the old bridge....

Two warriors!!!!

Looking up the valley. From there, it was a 10 mile ride home. Weather today, monday, was rain mixed with snow. Well, maybe next week.......
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