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And did a search without finding alot of information. It looks as though with a airbox mod, jetting can stay pretty much stock, air mixture screw out 2+ turns and a KLX needle will pretty much do the trick. Does that sound about right? I have an 04 KLR (RED), because that matters, that is stock except for the PCV mod, and the obligitory skid plate WalMart ATV seat cover, and radiator bars. It looks as though some run this exhaust, and seem to like it, I have a Supertrapp on my XR600 and love it, so I am hoping to like this one as well. I got it used for $150 and it looks real good, does not seem like it was on the bike long at all. The guy I got it from, got it used and never put it on his bike.
I have not done the .22 cent mod so I guess I will do it while I have the carb open, if someone can direct me to the link where the .22 cent mod instructions are, I would be forever grateful, when I search, I find a lot ot talk about it but no real direction on how exactly it is done. Also, would the L mod mod on the airbox be a good idea at this time, or just remove the snorkel?
I really have not done anything to the bike, aside from routine maintenance, just because it is so damned reliable, and always runs like it is new. I just love this bike, I have tried to convince myself on a few occasions that I need something different, but when it comes right down to it, I have not found a bike I like better than that KLR, and I have ridden for 35+ years and have owned/own many bikes. I rarely go anywhere that I don't take the bike with me, either in the back of my truck or riding it, my wife thinks I am obsessed with it, and I probably am, but so what.
I have read in a few places, one being here, I believe, where someone said that after oing the .22 mod his bike now picks the front up in first and second gear easily, :confused:, I either read it here or at the other KLR forum. That just does not sound right to me, I can with great effort get the front up, but in 2nd, it just does not want to go. Any thoughts on that? Or is that just someone blowing wind? I did notice a little better response after the PCV mod and the Decomp seemed to slow a little harder, but nothing earth shattering, but it was noticable.
So after all that rambling, I guess what I am seeking you advice on is the following:
1. Should I go ahead an do the .22 cent mod?
2. Should I do the L mod, and/or remove the snorkel?
3. Does the jetting need to be changed?
4. Should I get a KLX needle?
5. How many turns of the mixture screw are needed?
6. Wil I really be able to get front end air in 1st , 2nd & 3rd with the .22 mod ;) (Just kidding)
7. I am thinking of changing the gearing after these additions, 99% of my riding on this bike and would like to get the RPM's down a bit on the freeway, what do you suggest?
Thanks for your input,

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