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Hey everyone,
Just got a klr650 and am super excited to get into more dual sport and adventure riding! just wanted to say hello.

Thank you,

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Welcome to the site and KLR's.
Probably the best all around bike on the planet.
It does a little of everything but excels at nothing except
ridiculous lean angles and getting crazy in the twisties.

On the straights, the rockets blow us away.
For cross country there's nothing like a Goldwing.
In the dirt any full-on dirtbike will shred us.
For cruising, the HD's Vulcans, Shadows, etc. have
us beat for comfort and coolness.

IF ya wanna cruise down the road, rip a nice wheelie, turn onto an interstate,
turn off some exit ramp that leads to mountain roads, then wish to
turn off of those onto some trails and even ford some creeks and shallow rivers,
you indeed have the perfect motorcycle!!!!

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DacotahGlenn: Welcome to our little corner of the Net, the home of the world's most dedicated KLR 650 owners.

Reading is fun, but being involved is way better! Make us your online KLR 650 source.

Share your views, spread the word and bring your friends.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your KLR. You'll be able to show it off once you have 15 forum posts behind you.


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